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This self-care box has been lovingly put together to help encourage you to look after yourself and take some time out. Items included:

  • a orange and calendula bath soak to help renew your energy after a busy week. Utilising the energising properties of citrus essential oils to bring happiness and renew your vitality.
  • a yellow jade and carnelian wrist mala by Chant Malas. Yellow jade is useful in helping users to find confidence, yellow also symbolises happiness and joy. Carnelian boots courage and self-worth. Each mala comes beautifully wrapped with some guidance from Helen.
  • a Happy aromatherapy ball, to boost your mood and your energy whilst on the go.
  • Ancient Alpine face cleanser and mask by Mila's Apothecary. Harnessing the natural powers of plants, a 4 in 1 face wash, exfoliator, cleanser and face mask. Made using chamomile, rose, yarrow, colloidal oatmeal and kaolin clay. A soothing, beautifully purple mask.
  •  Grounding Natural Aura and Room Mist. With plant oils to help you when you want to slow down after a busy week. Perfect for spraying about the room before you have a bath, or before your meditation or relaxation practice.

Self care Box No. 3

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