This is a smudge stick in a bottle, perfect for fast cleansing or to protect your energy on the go. The aura protection mist uses organic essential oils to protect your home, body and space. Clear negative energies and guard yourself from unwanted emotions. 


Sage- to invite in protection, to cleanse, heal, protect and guard you against all you do not need. Our master healer herb. 


Lemon- to break ties with anything that is holding you back, release negative emotions and stress. To guard you against sources of negativity. 


Rosemary- to clear negative vibes, to deep cleanse your space and revitalise it. 


Black pepper- to strengthen and create positive energies.


Moon Water - charged under the light of the full moon to enhance the protective and positive energies in this mist. 


Use this mist throughout your home, to remove negativity and protect your aura. Spray beyond your face and inhale deeply to cleanse and protect your body. Mist your crystals with the full moon to remove negative energies that have accumulated over the month.


Not all essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy, please contact me before purchasing for more information.

Smudge Mist

  • Some essential oils are not safe for use during pregnancy. Please check before purchasing. 

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