Anahata; in Sanskrit, anahata means "unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten". The ingredients in this salt soak have been put together to help you to connect with your heart chakra, to nurture and love yourself. Using botanicals and aromas, including rose and sweet mandarin, to uplift and encourage you to see yourself and others from a loving perspective. 

Made with hand harvested Celtic salts from Brittany and organic, fine Himalayan salts which are amongst some of the purest salts available and are packed with natural minerals and magnesium sulphate. Through the process of osmosis, magnesium is replenished in the body; low magnesium levels in the body can result in depression, anxiety, poor sleep, headaches and muscle tension. Blended with Avena sativa which moisturises the skin.

Use a strainer in plug hole to prevent the botanicals from blocking the bath. Alternatively use one of our organic cotton tea bags, fill the bags with the salts and relax.

Use 3 tablespoons in your bath. Can be used as a skin scrub whilst in the bath.

Presented in a 200g apothecary jar, with a plastic free lid. These jars are readily recyclable.

Not suitable for use during pregnancy, may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Anahata Salt Soak

Organic cotton teabag
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