Our Oat and Calendula Salt Soak is made using hand-harvested celtic sea salt, our own calendula oil blend and organic oats. The calendula oil and oats work their magic on the skin, helping to soften and soothe. The salts are rich in minerals and magnesium, which is readily absorbed through the skin and can help recovery after exercise along with easing stress and anxiety. 


Add 3-4 spoonfuls to your bath and relax. 


Oat & Calendula Salt Soak

  • Magnesium sulphate (celtic salts), Sodium chloride* (Himalayan salts), Avena sativa*, Calendula officinalis*,Helianthus annus*, Sodium bicarbonate, Tocopherol (natural vitamin E oil). 

  • Not all essential oils are safe for use in pregnancy, when breastfeeding or for children. Please consult your medical practitioner before use. 

    We recommend using a small amount to begin with, to test for sensitivities. 

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