A product that truly harnesses the amazing properties of plants, and it is 100% natural and organic. Nettle and rosemary hair oil made using wild-crafted nettle and garden grown rosemary.

This uplifting oil blend is magic for the hair and scalp.


Nettle is truly a wonderful herb; its deep root system enables the plant to draw up plenty of nutrients and minerals from the soil. Nettle is high in vitamin A and C, high in iron and amino acids. Most importantly for this elixir; it can add shine to hair, improve circulation and help to reduce dandruff or a dry itchy scalp.


Rosemary is one of my most favourite herbs, it has an energising and uplifting aroma which helps to focus the mind. Rosemary helps to stimulate circulation which in turn helps to combat dandruff.


This beautiful, herbal blend adds shine to hair, maintains a healthy scalp and prevents split ends. 

Use a couple of drops on the ends of wet hair or use more liberally over dry hair and scalp for massage treatments.

Available in a 30ml amber glass apothecary bottle. Choose a plastic free aluminium lid or a pipette.

Herbal Hair Elixir

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  • Olea europaea*, Cannabis sativa*, Urtica dioica* Rosemarinus officinalis*, Citrus limonum*, Tocopherol (natural vitamin E oil)


    *Denotes organic ingredient

  • Not all essential oils are safe for use in pregnancy, when breastfeeding or for children. Please consult your medical practitioner before use. 

    We recommend using a small amount to begin with, to test for sensitivities.