If we live our lives practicing gratitude for the little things, we feel much more prosperous. This aura mist has been designed for use when you are in need of a little pick me up, inspiration or happiness.



Orange- bringer of happiness and prosperity.

Clary sage- encouraging energy and optimism for life.

Cinnamon- to rekindle your interest in life, to help you appreciate the little things.


Find a quiet moment, take a seat. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply. Spray the mist 3-5 times within the room, each time taking a deep breath. Begin by thinking of the things you are grateful for today. Prosperity and abundance comes not from having lots but appreciating what we do have. Find pleasure and peace in the little things, it is the little things that bring the greatest joy. If you would like to welcome in more money prosperity, use this mist to assist you in creating tangible steps to improve your situation.


Contains essential oils not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Gratitude Mist

  • Not all essential oils are safe for use during pregnancy, breasfeeding or around children. Please consult your medical practitioner before use. 

    Intended to be sprayed infront of the face, not directly onto the body. 


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