Chamomile, Lime Flower, Orange Blossom, Lemon Balm, Cinnamon and Lavender loose leaf infusion.


This calming yet refreshing blend of herbs will relax your senses as the evening draws in. Enjoy as you wind down and your mind prepares itself for rest.


Drink whilst burning our Stillness candle to allow aromatherapy to support your transition to calm and rest.


45g of organic loose leaf herbs will serve you up to 30 cups of tea. Caffeine content: caffeine free Another beautiful tea by Laura from The Singing Leaf.

Dreamtime Tea

  • To Infuse:  

    Can be served hot or cool, and with added fresh herbs.


    Hot: Use 1-2 tsp per cup and  Infuse for 5 -7 mins

    Refill and reinfuse up to 3 times.


    A slightly longer brew will allow the herbs to release their full potential into your infusion.


    Iced: 2tsp per cup and Infuse until cool and then separate the herbs. Your infusion can be kept refridgerated for 2-3 days. 

    Serve 1 part tea : 2 parts still/sparkling water and add ice if you wish.


    Additional Herbs and/ or fruit: Add fresh Lemon balm, mint or Lavender.

Wild Medicine

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