Organic ceremonial grade cacao


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 In Meso-America, the Mayans regarded cacao as a sacred medicine. It was primarily used in ceremonies to communicate with the gods. When taken in ceremony, cacao works particularly to open the heart, to calm and to help induce a mindful, blissful state.


Ceremonies can take many forms, but most provide a state when one can connect with their true self and express themselves from their heart.


Cacao does have many benefits for the body and mind, it is exceptionally rich in cocoa flavanols - a plant-based antioxidant which studies have shown support a wide range of health benefits from reducing tiredness and fatigue to improving heart health, cognitive function and regulating blood pressure. It is also a natural source of magnesium, essential for energy metabolism and healthy psychological function. Cacao is also rich in iron phosphorus, zinc, selenium, chromium and manganese all support the nervous system, immune system and cognitive function.


For me, the Guatemalan blend is more earthy and grounding and the Belize is more sweet and heart opening. Although you may well experience the cacao differently.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao

  • This cacao is made by Lewis, Made with Ananda. He sources cacao from organic farms where sustainable farming practices are used. Buying direct from the farmers also means that they are paid a fair price for their crop. 

  • Use filtered water or plant mylk to prepare your cacao. 

    Gently warm on the hob and allow the cacao to melt, it helps to mindfully whilst the cacao is melting. Try adding a little rose for extra heart medicine, cinnamon or chilli to light your fire. 

    Ensure you drink with intention, when you have time and space to really enjoy this medicine and the blissful feeling afterwards. 

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