Certified Organic Cacao: The highest quality cacao beans are gently stoneground without cacao butter to retain the many beneficial properties of cacao. Sourced directly from family run farms and small cooperatives that work to protect and restore the environment. Made in Yorkshire by Lewis.


Choose between:

-Organic Coconut cream bar (50g): a smooth and creamy, dairy free, milk chocolate. 

-Wild Harvest Bolivia 75% cacao bar (50g): a richer, but not too dark cacao bar. Sustainably wild-harvested beans from the floodplains of the Bolivian rainforest madw with a little raw cane sugar so that you can experience this cacao at its finest. 

-Organic Peruvian Chuncho 80% cacao bar (50g): deep, dark and delicious.  Chuncho is an incredibly rare, heirloom variety of cacao. It is harvested from trees that are over 200 years old. It offers the richest aroma and flavour. 

-CBD Hemp Extract and 85% Chuncho, Peru Cacao: a blend of pure CBD extract stoneground with cacao. Made with organic hemp flowers, CO2 extracted. Both hemp and cacao hold an affinity to the heart, this is real 'simmer down' medicine. 


Cacao offers a healing experience, elevating ang nourishing the physical, emotional and mental body. It is a heart tonic which also provides the body with minerals.

Organic Vegan Chocolate


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