A candle to assist you in feeling happiness and joy.


This aromatherapy blend was created to embody the dawn, the days when the sky fills with a rainbow of colour and your heart soars.  


A beautifully uplifting blend of essential oils including; ginger, litsea and coriander that are believed to help energise the body and the spirit.


Use this candle during your more energetic yoga practice, whilst eating with friends or during your own daily gratitude ritual. 

To get the most from your candle, please follow our candle care tips.

Burn time: 50+ hours (200ml) 35+ hours (120ml)


Also available as a room mist and pure essential oil for your diffuser.


  • Never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire, leave 10cm between two burning candles. Never leave candles unattended. In the case of fire, use water spray. Do not leave a burning candle with children or pets. Some of our essential oils contain Citral, Citronellol and Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol which may cause an allergic reaction (these are all natural elements found in essential oils). If skin irritation occurs, wash with soap and warm water.


    Allow your candle to burn for a couple of hours when first lit so that the botanicals are engulfed in the wax and do not burn. To achieve the longest burn time, when you first light your candle allow the wax to melt from rim to rim. Thereafter don't burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Keep wick trimmed to roughly 1 cm above wax, keep wick straight, upright and centred to the jar. Do not allow the wax to burn to the very bottom of the jar as the botanicals will catch.