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Whipped Rose and Vanilla body melt

This rich and velvety body melt is perfect for this time of year, when the winter is coming to a close and our skin is thirsty. It is simple to make at home and smells delicious!


3/4 cup of sustainably sourced cocoa butter

1/4 cup organic almond oil

Dried rose petals

Vanilla essential oil

Rose otto essential oil

Start by picking and drying out rose petals, choose the most fragrant. If you don't have any to hand, you can buy rose petals ready to use. Once dried, infuse in the almond oil and leave for 3-6 months in a dark place.

Once the goodness has seeped from the roses into the oil, strain the oil.

Use a bain-marie to melt the cocoa butter, do this gently over a medium heat.

Once melted add the almond oil.

With a electric hand whisk, or arm power whisk the oil and melted cocoa butter together. As the butter begins to cool, add 12-20 drops of essential oils depending on how fragrant you like your body butters. Keep whisking until it reaches a light whipped consistency.

Store in a sterilised jar, out of sunlight.

Use liberally, especially on dry skin in need of TLC. This lovely melt lasts for up to three months, although i can't guarantee you won't use it all very quickly! It smells so good!

Happy making!

Sophie x

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