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Fired Earth

Our Fired Earth range is the embodiment of earth connection, using plants and earth to create something beautiful. the beautiful teabowls in this range were created by Sarah from Sarah Gee Ceramics. Here Sarah tells us a little more about the process of making wood fired ceramics and how it helps her to connect with nature.

My work consists of soft functional forms for using in our day to day lives, and I hope connect us with our everyday things. Sharing food in a serving dish or bowl, drinking from your favourite mug brings about ritual, comfort and hopefully joy to our everyday.

We are the only species that cooks and there is such an act of generosity and love within the creation of food  for ourselves and others. I think cooking is an art and I like to celebrate it with special handmade vessels to use for food and drinks. I hope to bring more pleasure in the simplicity of home life, cooking, eating and sharing or just enjoying a cup of something warm in solitude.

PROCESS: My pots are hand thrown on a Potters  Wheel and I wood fire pots with a community of Potters here in Dorset where I live. I feel wood firing pots reflect how our lives are connected to the earth. The elements of fire,water,air and earth are all present in nature, the creation of handmade wood fired pots and in creating food. The process involves loading the wood kiln with wood over two days to build heat to the top temperature of 1280 degrees. During the firing ash falls all over the inside of the kiln and creates organic surfaces on the pots as it sticks and lands. The fire pulls the oxygen out of the clay body and glaze ingredients and mottles the surfaces.

Firing pots in this way is representational to me of my deep love and connection with nature. The clay body, which is taken from the earth and moulded with hands using water, then adding heat and more materials from the earth to create glaze, finally using wood and fire to create the surface of the pot and working as a community to share the labour involved.

Then when you get to use the pot created using all the elements I feel personally more connected to it, in the same way we have a knowing inside us that to spend time in nature feels good.

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