The Story

Betony  & Sage was created by Sophie who wanted to try to capture magical moments in nature and bring them into the home. To create products that would inspire slow, seasonal living and encourage others to take a break from our fast-paced lives.  To take guidance from Mother Nature and honour the cycles of the moon and the changing of the seasons. Living more in line with our true nature. 

Betony and Sage is a small business focused on creating 100% natural and organic products. Sophie, is an environmental conservationist, folk herbalist and nature connection mentor.

"Nature, and connecting people with nature is my passion. Whether that be through folk herbalism and the magical powers or plants, or through foraging workshops, women's circles and Forest schools. Through connecting others with nature I hope we all feel a greater desire to protect and care for the natural round around us, and that is us. The products I sell are plant based, made using organic herbs I grow at home and forage in the woods. I am a keen advocate for sustainable foraging, having led workshops for almost 10 years." 



Sophie's passion for plants, for folk herbalism and for the outdoors has been with her throughout her life. From days spent with her Grandfather watching birds, and her Grandmother swimming in the sea. To wandering through woods, rearing crickets and caring for sick animals. Sophie feels a deep connection with Mother Earth, it is a connection which saved her during a difficult time.

"Nature is my greatest guide, my biggest healer, and my life's work has been focused on protecting our wild spaces. I have studied nature for longer than I can remember, both formally and informally. I have a MSc in Wildlife, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health, I have studied herbalism and been completely enthralled by the words of Culpepper and the like for many years. Brewing and concocting potions under the full moon, to experience and learn more about the words in the books. I am an ecologist and a geographer. I gained my Forest School leader accreditation in 2016 and am most passionate about using this area of work to connect women and children to nature."

The greatest care is taken to source local, organic and sustainable made ingredients that come from other small businesses. Using ingredients that have a minimal impact on the earth is of the upmost importance to our business, Sophie is always striving to research new, more sustainable products. 

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Under trees is where my heart is, 

my soul is wild at sea.

I am both Wild Woman of the woods, 

and selkie.

I am mother,



Nature is my life.

I am bare footed,


wild at heart.

I hope you'll join me.